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The story behind skin care therapists and owners of Je’Derm Skin Care in NYC, Judit Galambosi and Eliana Restrepo.

For us, being an esthetician is far more than a career-it's a special gift. 

Co- Founders / Skincare Therapists Eliana Restrepo and Judit Galambosi

Co- Founders / Skincare Therapists Eliana Restrepo and Judit Galambosi

Judit Galambosi and Eliana Restrepo met while working at the famed Erno Laszlo Skincare Institute.  Both immigrants to the US with an incredible passion for skincare, the pair knew they were destined to create the ultimate skincare destination for discerning clients desiring healthy and perpetually youthful skin.  With 27 years of combined experience, both Judit and Eliana are regularly quoted in esteemed publications given their recognized industry expertise.  Their clientele include celebrities, business leaders and anyone who desires to maintain healthy and vibrant skin.


Judit was born and raised in Hungary and from the age of 12, suffered from problematic skin.  These skin issues greatly affected her self-confidence.  Following a regimen of facials, her skin changed and became healthy.  From this point forward, she knew that her life’s mission would be to help others improve their skin health and maximize their self-confidence. Judit studied under the best aestheticians in Hungary and London, prior to moving to the US 7 years ago.


Eliana was born and raised in Colombia.  At a very early age, she developed a passion for skin care.  Eliana witnessed dear friends suffering from skin issues and determined to follow a path of helping others overcome their skin issues, improve their appearance and increase their self-confidence.  She moved to the US, pursued a degree at The Florida College of Natural Health and then furthered her education at New York’s Atelier Esthetique.


Judit and Eliana view skincare not as a job, but as a passion. Their shared mission is to educate people that a facial is not a luxury, but a necessity to maintain the health and youthfulness of the skin. JE’DERM skin atelier was founded on these principles


JE’DERM skin atelier is intimate, cozy and complete with state of the art equipment. It is the best kept secret on the Upper West side.